Emmaville Store, circa 1969

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Emmaville's Famous Signs

Emmaville has long been a popular stop for tourists, many of which come to see the quirky signs.  Even though the store has been closed, people still stop and have their pictures taken in front of the signs.

We are planning to restore and maintain these signs to keep the original look about the place.  We will also be restoring the "main" sign in front of the store:

However, we'll be moving this sign to a new location to make room for our new welcome sign. Here's a prototype we designed, let us know what you think:

We'll be using this design as a logo for t-shirts, etc. and have some other design ideas we'll be sharing soon. Stay tuned!


  1. I like it! We live on Upper Bottle Lake and are THRILLED that your re-opening our favorite little store! You'll be seeing lots of us ;-)
    Sven & Linda

  2. Wow! I came home from vacation to see my favorite place is opening back up. I cant wait to inform all my resort guests, they will be thrilled!

  3. I think the fact your re-opening and renovating Emmaville is fantastic. A far off relative of myn was the last "trier "giving it a go and I'm glad to see people with more drive reopening it. that is fabulous. we live right down the road on Pickeral Lake and can't wait to just be able to run up to our favorite little store. :)
    wishing you luck in your adventure!!!!