Emmaville Store, circa 1969

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well, we survived another hectic summer and are enjoying a bit of a breather. We've been a little too busy to write much - sorry about that. However, part of the blame resides with Google and their quest for world domination. It seems our data is really their data, and we were not able to access this blog until we acknowledged that...
Anyway, thanks to all our customers for making the summer of 2012 a big success. The motel has done especially well, allowing us to afford a new roof, soffits and fascia for it. We are hoping there will be enough left in the piggy bank for new carpet too.
Meanwhile, we're enjoying a warm start to fall. If you're planning a trip up north to see the fall colors, don't wait too long. It's been very dry here, so it's likely to result in a shortened color season.
Bear season is in full swing, but we've only seen a couple of them brought in for registration. Given all the reports of problem bears we heard this spring, the population could probably stand some adjustment. Our neighbors continue in their efforts to bear proof their bird feeders. However, as shown below, they may be fighting a losing battle!
Bow hunting for deer and grouse seasons opened this weekend; no monster bucks to report yet. Hunters are finding a few grouse, although the numbers are down. It's still a bit warm for tromping in the woods, so we've sold alot of liquid refreshments to the folks in camo.

We've also had quite a few musky hunters stumble in after a long day, mumbling about follows. The "Fish of 10,000 Casts" is elusive indeed. It seems the closer they get to landing a big one, the more colorful the stories get. Here's a story from last week with a happy ending:
We have one favor to ask of you: PRAY FOR SNOW! We really could use a good winter after last year's debacle. Hopefully, some of you resisted the temptation to sell your snowmobiles and we'll see you this winter.