Emmaville Store, circa 1969

Friday, January 21, 2011

Emmaville has gas! Officially opening Saturday, January 22nd!

Almost Gas

Our contractors have been here since Wednesday, working in biting cold to get our gas pumps up and running. We're almost there - they're testing the tanks today and finishing up the installation.  We can't thank them enough for their dedication - it's been well below zero the last couple of days, but they've been out there, busting their butts to get us up and running.

We should have our bright, shiny, new (ok, they're not new or even shiny right now) pumps ready to go by the end of the day. BUT, not sure if we will have the test results and the necessary State approval today, so we may not be pumping gas til Monday. Stay tuned.....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Sneak Peek

Here are a couple of quick snapshots from this morning, to give you an idea of what the store looks like.

We're Not Really Open Yet, But ....

Lots of rumors flying around about whether Emmaville is open for business - sorry for the confusion. We're not officially open yet because we still don't have working gas pumps, nor, at the moment, a functioning cash register.  We are expecting our contractor to start on the gas pumps, controls and leak monitoring system this week. 

It seems that the great deal Mike got on a "new-used" point-of-sale system (what they call the new cash registers these days) wasn't so much a great deal. When the technician came in Thursday to set it up, we found out the display doesn't work. So, it's in the shop right now. We tried Plan B: firing up the cash register that came with the place, but we don't have the key to program it. We even tried Plan C: firing up the really old cash register we found in the garage, but it's a boat anchor now.

When I say "we" I mean Mary Saf and Mike. Yes, Mary is back!  She came in to help us get organized this week and will start full-time next week. We're really glad she wanted to come back to Emmaville - hopefully, we won't drive her too crazy.

We have had a few snowmobilers come in to warm up, us the restrooms and grab a candy bar and pop. And yes, we had a few volunteers help Mike train in as a bartender - a round of Grain Belts constituted our first unofficial sale on Friday.

So, we aren't really open, but please stop in - we are fully stocked and can make change out of a shoebox for now. If nothing else, stop by, say hi to Mary, and have a look around. We'll be here!