Emmaville Store, circa 1969

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A little Emmaville history

Our neighbor Rod Lof recently brought over a DVD with some photos from his grandmothers' photo album that provide a glimpse into life in the neighborhood in the early years. They include a lot of pictures of loggers and logging operations as well as pictures of trophy bucks, family picnics and "new" cars.

We picked out 4 photos we are certain were taken at Emmaville and had them enlarged for display. We mounted three of them behind old window sashes from nearby Trails End Lodge and hung them in our cafe.  We're still trying to decide where to put the fourth. Anyway, here they are:

Emmaville School (now the University of Emmaville) circa 1914.

Community members gathered for a picnic(?), 1914.

Mrs. Ida Mae Hagen (Willie's grandma) entering the store, 1963.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lanning (left of center) and friends gather at Emmaville, 1963.
We've been having fun identifying folks in this photo; Willie Hagen identified his grandma, Ida Mae, on the far right.  Rod's grandma is seated on the far left.  Next to her (we think) is Mrs. Charlie Valentine; Mr. Valentine is the gentleman standing on the far right (we think). 

The picture appears to be a gathering of veterans; judging by their ages, they would be vets of WWI.  If you have any guesses as to the identities of others in the photo, let us know!