Emmaville Store, circa 1969

Saturday, January 8, 2011

We're Not Really Open Yet, But ....

Lots of rumors flying around about whether Emmaville is open for business - sorry for the confusion. We're not officially open yet because we still don't have working gas pumps, nor, at the moment, a functioning cash register.  We are expecting our contractor to start on the gas pumps, controls and leak monitoring system this week. 

It seems that the great deal Mike got on a "new-used" point-of-sale system (what they call the new cash registers these days) wasn't so much a great deal. When the technician came in Thursday to set it up, we found out the display doesn't work. So, it's in the shop right now. We tried Plan B: firing up the cash register that came with the place, but we don't have the key to program it. We even tried Plan C: firing up the really old cash register we found in the garage, but it's a boat anchor now.

When I say "we" I mean Mary Saf and Mike. Yes, Mary is back!  She came in to help us get organized this week and will start full-time next week. We're really glad she wanted to come back to Emmaville - hopefully, we won't drive her too crazy.

We have had a few snowmobilers come in to warm up, us the restrooms and grab a candy bar and pop. And yes, we had a few volunteers help Mike train in as a bartender - a round of Grain Belts constituted our first unofficial sale on Friday.

So, we aren't really open, but please stop in - we are fully stocked and can make change out of a shoebox for now. If nothing else, stop by, say hi to Mary, and have a look around. We'll be here!

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