Emmaville Store, circa 1969

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Emmaville!

We hope this finds you all well, warm and surrounded by family and friends this holiday season.  Melinda and I are taking a break from renovations to spend time with Adam and Hannah, who are home on their winter breaks.  Both have brought home the latest viruses from their respective campuses, so we're going through quite a bit of Theraflu and Kleenex this week.

Much has gotten done at the store over the past few weeks. The heating system and new doors and windows are in - it's nice and toasty inside now.  The floor is done and we bought shelving, which will be set up next week. Our grocery stock will arrive on Jan. 6th. 

We got our liquour license in the mail last week, which is good for 2011.  Our liability insurance and the license will only allow us to sell 3.2 beer for now, but we hope that will be a good start.  Mike is nearly done refinishing the old bar- it's going to look great! 

We've been putting Adam's two Masters degrees in English to good use this week - unloading a huge freezer for the kitchen and figuring out how to put together the shelving.  Once Hannah is feeling better, she's going to be working on our new logo and other graphics.  Nothing like free labor from your kids to make you appreciate having family around for the holidays.

Stay tuned for some new pics of the renovations after the holidays - meanwhile, remember the reason for the season!

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