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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Excuse us while we brag up our kid.

Some of you probably met our youngest daughter Hannah, who worked parts of two summers here until she moved to Seattle in 2012.  Hannah is part of the "Gen Y" generation, and like many of them, struggling to make her own way.  She is finding it tough to find a good job - her BFA hasn't opened many doors yet.  We told her that kids her age need to create their own job if they can't find any out in the world.

So Hannah is doing just that, by starting her own on-line comic.  Here's the link:


It may be a while before Cowboys and Indie Kids (or the Surly Girl and Tubby Cat Detective Agency) can pay her bills, so Hannah is working at a coffee shop/shipping service.  These are tough times for the younger generation, but we know Hannah is tough and resilient, and resourceful, and hard working, and really hard not to love, and...we know she's going to make it!  Please enjoy and share her comic - thanks!

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